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Learn how the Diligence Group's expertise can assist your firm in delivering powerful Federal, non-judicial, leverage against predatory Lenders and Servicers to compel a settlement and justice for your client.

If you are a Borrower who feels taken advantage of, or discriminated against, during the loan application or modification process, connecting with the Diligence Group's Network of preferred attorney's may lead to relief.

Learn how the Diligence Group can help provide your firm with institutional class loan pool due diligence. We can provide loan pool, or individual loan analyses.

The Report/Analysis will stand as supporting evidence in the filing of several Federal Complaints without additional cost.

  • Mortgage Industry Related Services

    The Diligence Group, LLC is a due diligence firm that specializes in providing unbiased, third party, expert witness and consultation services regardi ...

  • Mortgage Loan Analysis

    The client will be provided a "Triage Report Card" which indicates our initial predatory findings, agency violations, and possible Discrimination in l ...

  • Fair Housing Complaints


    An Accepted Fair Housing Complaint through the U.S. Department of HUD can provide substantial ...

  • Lender Discrimination

    Some Individuals may be able to file a Federal complaint against their mortgage Servicer, or Lender, under the Fair Housing ...

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